“MACS provides our young men and women with the opportunity to grow emotionally, professionally, and socially in a safe environment. In the two plus years since my son has worked at MACS, I’ve seen him develop more of a sense of independence, assume more responsibility, and willingly do more for himself. It continues to be a positive experience for him and our family.”
~ Diann Holt – Parent

“Mark has been working at MACS for over 10 years.  It has been a wonderful experience for him, and he enjoys going to work. Mark is blessed to have another part-time job away from MACS, but has never considered quitting MACS. We are very fortunate that Mark has MACS and has a place to go. It not only gives him a sense of worth and purpose in life, but also builds his self-esteem as jobs are completed.  Mark has developed and learned a lot of new skills by being a worker at MACS and is very satisfied with his accomplishments. If Mark did not have MACS to go to on his days off from his other job, he would just sit around the house, playing video games or watching TV, as all other house hold members are away at work. Being at MACS is like being with family.”
~ Mary Ann Trumbull – Parent 

“The Halden Group has used MACS services for over seven years now. We have consistently enjoyed prompt, professional and courteous service.  When it comes to direct marketing, I wouldn’t use anyone else!”
~ Julia Longstreet, Marketing Director, The Halden Group 

“Our company has been working with MACS for 4 years now, and we have received nothing but quality workman-ship from this company. They have always picked up our bulk mail on time, the driver has always been very courteous at pick up, and our bulk mail has been handled with the utmost care. The mail is always processed quickly and delivered to the homes in a timely manner. If ever we do have a problem, Natalie has been on top of the problem and does whatever it takes to make it right. Our real-tors know that their mailings are in good hands with the MACS. We would not use any other company!”
~ Jan Smith, Bookkeeper, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 

“We’ve found that when it comes to good service, attention to detail and prompt delivery, MACS has consistently delivered as promised. We’ve been a client of MACS for many years and we recommend them without reservation”.
~ Rick Schoew, Director of Marketing, Howard Hanna

“What can I say about the MACS?  During the past 3 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing the individuals that work at Take it to the MACS.  Wow, what a business! I don’t know what impresses me more, the welcoming reception I get each and every time I visit or the strong work ethic that is apparent in each staff member.  It is definitely a special place and I recommend it to all businesses in need of mailing, packaging, labeling, and copying services. Just telling the truth!”
~Shelly Bramley, Tallwood High School Teacher

“I’ve used the services of MACS for several years. Besides always doing a great job of mailing out my books, I treasure the relationships that have been formed. To find an excuse to drop by and be cheered up by the smiles and hugs always readily available, I count as one of my top favorite things to do. After owning many businesses over the years and working with countless professional and talented people, my association with MACS has proven to be a brilliant business decision.  Kudos to Natalie Grayson for following her dreams and to the employees of MACS for loving their work and their customers. It is my privilege to work with them.”
~Deborah Cox Wood, Ph.D., N.D.

The MACS, What a WONDERFUL PLACE. The staff and workers are always so pleasant and always glad to see you. Over the years I’ve gotten to know them on both a personal and professional level. THE MACS IS A WELL KEPT SECRET that everyone should know about. It’s the type of place where people just stop in to say hello, get a smile, and a hug .You can get all this plus a job well done. WHAT A BONUS!
~Sandra Fleming  Tallwood High School Teacher Assistant